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Why do I use Trainerize?

Adapting to a new routine can be like trying to steer an elephant…. Lots of effort for a minimal shift. The research on habit change has consistently shown variables that boost the odds of success. Trainerize incorporates many of these.

Check out this TedX talk by Tali Sharot for a great explanation of why these strategies help change habits better than traditional scare tactics. 

I particularly love the graphic of a brown pile headed towards a fan. It explains why short term habits and long term consequences don’t mesh in the human brain. It’s liberating to realize this applies to all of us, not just yourself. 



Trainerize offers many of these strategies in a single tool you can put on your phone. There are plenty of other great apps out there for this but Trainerize is tailored to the context of a coach and client. It includes extensive libraries of workouts including video instruction. It offers the flexibility to create new personalized exercises and programs for each client or share the most useful ones to a broad audience. The app is frequently updated to improve user experience and now includes an extensive toolkit to focus on habits. 



My focus is on finding what works best for each person. Trainerize is the best smartphone tool I’ve found for doing that.